Emerald Crystal Pendant Necklace


Our Emerald Crystal Pendant Necklace features Natural Emerald Crystal from Nasarrawa State, Nigeria 🇳🇬 set in 18-karat Gold

Our Crystal gemstone pendant necklace gives life ✨ to the wearer! The green of the Emerald has been symbolic of spring and life itself. 🌱 💚

The first known Emeralds were mined in Egypt around 1500 BC 🕰. Emerald is one of the “big four” otherwise called Precious Stones. The others are Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire. Colombia 🇨🇴 currently yields the largest amount of Emeralds, contributing to more than 50% of production worldwide. In some cultures, the Emerald is the gift for the 55th wedding anniversary, it is also used as a 20th and 35th wedding anniversary gemstone 💒

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Natural Crystal Shape




18 Karat Gold


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