Ichie 18 Karat Agate Bracelet


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Our Ichie 18 Karat Agate Bracelet features an array of lightly banded Agate gemstone beads “Ivie Ebo” beads & 18 karat gold accents

Agate gemstones were originally worn plain in a string by Kings and titled men commonly called Ichie in the southern parts of Nigeria.

Agate is a family name given to a wide variety of Chalcedony. It is the oldest recorded gemstone used in jewelry from the Babylonian Empire. They are said to give its wearer rich dreams and is considered a form of protection. It is also used as the 12th and 14th wedding anniversary gemstone.

In the eastern and other parts of Nigeria 🇳🇬, the agate tradition remains in many cultures where the gem is highly appreciated. Adorned by celebrants during weddings and special occasions.

***Please note the price stated is for a single bracelet.

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