Ivie Ebo 18 Karat Coral Bracelet


Our Ivie Ebo 18 Karat Coral Bracelet features Mediterranean precious coral “Ivie Ebo” beads & 18 karat gold accents

The Portuguese in the late 15th and early 16th century on their usual voyage towards India would make strategic stops for trading and in the process trade Mediterranean Corals along the coast of West Africa.

Hence, the pink, orange, and red gemstone became very much intertwined in West Africa and particularly, Nigerian culture. Many years ago, our Obas or Kings in Benin Kingdom adorned these as a sign of opulence and power. They were eventually used as money and the leader would also commission coral regalia such as vests and crowns for ceremonies.

In Benin and other parts of Nigeria 🇳🇬, including the Yoruba and Igbo regions, the Coral tradition remains in many cultures where Coral is still highly appreciated. Today many Corals used in beads or other jewelry are imitations and alternatives to the highly valuable and now scarce precious corals.


***Please note the price stated is for a single bracelet.

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Barrel Shape


Mediterranean Coral


18 Karat Gold


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