Olaedo Peridot Pendant Necklace


Olaedo Hand-patterned Pendant Necklace featuring Peridot Gemstones from Nigeria ūüá≥ūüᨬ† set in 18 karat gold marked with patterns illustrating ‚Äúcommunity‚ÄĚ inspired by Nsibidi.

Nsibidi is a system of symbols illustrated as pictograms indigenous to southeast Nigeria. Although there is no generally accepted date, scholars say it has been in use for as long as 400 AD. There have also been suggestions that some nsibidi have logogram origins similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Although in recent times there is little knowledge of the once sacred language, in pop culture, the Wakandan writing system in the Black Panther movie was inspired by Nsibidi.

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18 Karat Gold






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