For The Gems


From the Hills and Mountains in the northern parts  to the vast Valleys in the southern region, many gemstones are discovered in their most beautiful forms by ASM miners, each of these gems tells a story.

MINA STONES is a vertically integrated social business founded in 2011 by Lotanna Amina Egwuatu. The brand name comes from her Hausa name “Amina” meaning Trustworthy and Honest, named after Queen Amina of Zazzau.


We provide products and services in the following areas – Gemstones | Jewelry | Mining | Advisory | Technology

Amina was born in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. She attended Covenant University where she graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Engineering and went to further her studies at Lancaster University, the UK where she obtained an MSc. in Business and Innovation. During and after her master’s program, she proceeded to pursue her passion for gemstones with GIA obtaining her Gemologist Certification. She loves to empower people around her, travel, and explore new places. Working with government, private sector and civil society, Amina has been actively involved in promoting and advocating for better ethics and overall shared value in the Nigerian and African Gemstone industry. She is actively involved in projects that aim to develop the gemstone and jewelry industry in Africa as well as improve the livelihood of people along the gemstone value chain.

The Mina Stones brand combines African heritage with contemporary design that showcases intrinsic cultural details. What sets our designs apart can be illustrated through detailed craftsmanship, originality, authenticity, historical African patterns and shapes, made in 925 sterling silver, or 18 Karat gold.”

This is a story of a gemstone’s journey from mines to market. Each gemstone is unique and represents a unique location, environment, culture, people, tradition etc. Most gemstones mined from the earth are done so by artisanal miners. Working with these very important individuals and groups, we bring the most beautiful stories and gemstones to you in various forms.


Our Company Values

Vertical Integration – We are involved in every step of a gemstone’s journey from the mines to the final product and market. We are intentional about care of miners, their families and mining communities.

Authenticity – All designs are original and are created using mostly 925 Sterling Silver or 18k gold, bearing the karat stamp. The MINA STONES Mark is also inscribed onto the pieces.

Environmentally Conscious – We carry on our work with consciousness for the environment by adopting safe ways to handle processes along the chain.

Disclosure – The gemstones used in our Jewelry are natural. All treatments and alterations to the natural gemstones are stated.



These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.

~George Eliot