Educational Series and Trainings

To bridge the skills gap and empower industry growth, we launched a series of educational programs.

ASM Support

Trainings, Formalization, Tools & Equipment Donations, Grants

COVID-19 Intervention

Recognizing the essential role ASM miners and artisans play in the industry, we launched a COVID-19 relief fund specifically for their communities. Through fundraising efforts, we provided financial assistance to help them weather the economic hardships caused by the pandemic. This vital support helped to ensure the well-being of these miners and artisans, and ultimately contributed to the overall resilience of the industry they serve. In addition, the fund aimed to empower these communities by fostering financial literacy and resource management skills for future challenges.

Unity Campaign

Weaving together diverse cultures and stories, our Unity Collection celebrates the beauty of unity. Through each unique piece of jewelry, we spark conversations and inspire a sense of belonging.